I am a PhD student in the Human Centered Design and Engineering department at the University of Washington and a Graduate Research Assistant at New York University’s AI Now Institute. Informed by my prior life as a software and firmware developer, I use ethnographic methods, interviews, surveys, and participant observation to study users’ and developers’ experiences with technology. I do research that can help lead developers to create algorithmic systems that behave in more inclusive ways. In addition to working in academia, I have also worked with industry researchers and practitioners at Microsoft Research, Microsoft Corporation, and Facebook.

I am part of the CHI, CSCW, and STS communities, and my research often lies at the intersection of critical algorithm studies, infrastructure studies, and developer cultures. I hope to bring more queer and feminist studies into my future work.

I am currently working with Charlotte Lee, and I am in the Computer Supported Collaboration Lab (CSC Lab) and Data Ecologies lab. I also work with Anissa Tanweer at the University of Washington’s eScience Institute. At AI Now, I work with Liz Kaziunas and Varoon Mathur.

My current research projects include: researching the development and use of software for algorithmically mediated diversity and inclusion, researching how people are remotely collaborating work during COVID, and researching narratives about the use of AI in healthcare.

In 2018, I received my MS in Informatics from the University of California Irvine. I am originally from Seattle, WA and I went to the University of Washington for my undergraduate in Computer Engineering with a specialization in hardware.

At UCI, my primary research was on the developers and users of the cryptocurrency Bitcoin and blockchain systems. I was a member of the TechDeC lab and the EVOKE lab at UCI. I was co-advised by Bonnie Nardi and Geof Bowker.

In my spare time, I enjoy cooking, hiking, video games, table top games, reading scifi, and metal music.